Vintage Styled Engagement w/ Brandon and Cara

09.20.10 :: posted by Erin

Recently we received a call from Brandon and Cara to photograph their engagement session prior to leaving for their new home in London. We were so excited to hear from them as we had met previously at Micah and Leanna’s wedding and knew we’d have a great time working with them. Brandon is the owner of Brandon Kershner Designs and is an amazingly talented designer and both he and Cara had some fantastic props they brought to incorporate in their session.

Some of our favorite engagement sessions are the ones that reflect a special location or details that reflect the couple’s personality and style. Brandon and Cara’s fun engagement session was vintage in style yet filled with lots of small details that really made the session their own.

Imagery note: Brandon and Cara shared that they both love nature and the outdoors. This abandoned house with overgrown foliage was a perfect setting!

Imagery note: The roman numeral “15″ represents the day Brandon and Cara met at a vineyard in California (also where Brandon later proposed). The hand-painted sign in the background is actually a drumhead painted by the couple.

Loved their choices for attire…

Imagery note: The records in the background are from Brandon’s personal collection of Led Zeppelin records. He is also a musician and plays both the guitar and drums.

  1. geoff johnson says:

    Some great work guys!

  2. Jill says:

    These are gorgeous! I really love these. Makes me want to get engaged. :-)

  3. Shane says:

    Thanks so much, they were a really great couple! Jill, getting engaged just for the engagement pictures is completely acceptable…well, maybe not:)

  4. Nikki Moore says:

    Awesome! I LOVE the one with him leaning against his amps, her resting on him, and the great sunlight streaming in. Beautiful.

  5. Chais Meyer says:

    I am in love with your photos!
    Thank you for constantly inspiring me to become better at my trades of choice!

  6. B-E-A-UTIFUL shoot man…. Gorgeous couple too! I just love the look and feel of each image. It suits them very well!

  7. Very nice, congrats!

  8. This entire session is STUNNING from beginning to end. Did the bride and groom do the planning or did you?

    I love it.

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